Common Misunderstandings About Paint Protection Film in Calgary 

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Word on the street is that you’re looking to deck your car out with paint protection film. 

Paint protection film or PPF is a popular way to protect vehicles from scratches, chips, and environmental damage in Calgary—and everywhere else in the world. 

It’s a transparent film that’s applied to the exterior of a vehicle—typically on the front bumper, hood, fenders, and side mirrors to prevent road debris, bug splatter, and other environmental factors from damaging the paint. Usually made of either polyurethane or polyethylene, PPF is self-healing to some extent, meaning that minor scratches can disappear over time with exposure to heat. By applying this protective film, car owners can maintain the appearance and value of their vehicles for longer periods of time.

Because of its incredible abilities, PPF has become the gold standard in car paint protection—and reached quite the celebrity status. But just like all famous things, you can’t avoid endless rumours and myths swirling around, making it difficult to distinguish which ones are facts. 

But not today—we’re here to debunk the misconceptions, so you can purchase paint protection film in Calgary as an informed vehicle owner.  

Misunderstanding #1: PPF is only for Luxury Cars

One of the most common misconceptions about PPF is that it’s only for high-end luxury vehicles. In reality, PPF can be applied to vehicles of all makes and models, not just the ultra- expensive ones. Whether you drive a compact, budget-friendly car, SUV, or a sports car, PPF is a worthy investment that can help maintain the appearance and resale value of your vehicle. 

While it’s true that PPF is often used on expensive cars to protect their paint jobs, that doesn’t mean other car types don’t deserve the same amount of care and protection.

Misunderstanding #2: PPF is Permanent and Damaging to Paint

Let’s move on to the next common misconception surrounding paint protection film in Calgary: PPF is permanent and damaging to the paint underneath.

Nope, not at all folks. 

PPF is designed to be a temporary protective barrier that can be removed without causing damage to the paint. PPF’s main purpose is to preserve the condition of your vehicle’s paint job for years to come—that is, if it’s properly installed and maintained, of course. 

Misunderstanding #3: PPF Never Needs to Be Replaced

The unparalleled durability of PPF did not come to play—but at the same time, it isn’t permanent. 

Over time, it can wear down and may need to be replaced to maintain optimal protection. Most high-quality PPF comes with a warranty that ranges from 5 to 10 years, depending on the product and the installation quality.

Misunderstanding #4: PPF is Difficult to Maintain and Clean

PPF truly is a one-of-a-kind solution, which makes it easy to think it requires special maintenance and cleaning procedures. 

The good news is that PPF doesn’t expect you to give it the VIP treatment. It can be cleaned and maintained just like any other part of your vehicle, with regular washing to keep it looking its best. Additionally, many PPF products are designed to be self-healing, meaning that minor scratches and scuffs can disappear over time with exposure to heat.

Misunderstanding #5: PPF is Maintenance-Free

While some individuals might think that PPF is difficult to maintain, there are some people who think the exact opposite: that it’s absolutely maintenance-free.

We know we said it doesn’t expect the VIP treatment—but it could use a bit of TLC every now and then. It still requires regular cleaning to keep it in good condition. Neglecting maintenance can lead to a build-up of dirt, which may affect the PPF’s appearance and longevity.

A vehicle wrapped with XPEL paint protection film in a matte finish
A vehicle wrapped with XPEL paint protection film in a matte finish


Misunderstanding #7: PPF is Noticeable and Affects Vehicle Appearance

Paint protection film is designed to be nearly invisible once applied to a vehicle, making it barely noticeable to the naked eye. It’s a powerful shield that doesn’t affect the appearance of the vehicle.

In fact, paint protection film can actually improve the overall appearance of the vehicle by maintaining the glossy finish of the paint job for longer periods of time. If anything, paint protection film is a great investment for preserving the appearance of a vehicle without compromising its original look.

Misunderstanding #6: PPF is Invisible and Undetectable

On the flip side, you’re bound to have heard some rumours that go like: PPF is completely invisible and cannot be seen at all on the vehicle’s surface.

We hate to break it to you, but PPF isn’t Casper the friendly ghost. While high-quality PPF is designed to be very transparent and blend seamlessly with the vehicle’s paint, it’s not entirely undetectable. The edges may be visible upon close inspection, especially around curves and on complex body panels. But of course, this doesn’t negatively impact the visuals of your vehicle at all. 

Misunderstanding #7: PPF Provides Complete Protection

Another common misunderstanding involving paint protection film in Calgary is that it makes the vehicle immune to all types of scratches and damages.

While PPF is highly resistant to many forms of damage, it isn’t invulnerable. It’s designed to absorb impacts and resist scratches, but extremely sharp objects or high-impact collisions can still cause damage.

Misunderstanding #8: PPF Self-Heals All Scratches

You might be wondering if PPF is capable of healing all scratches, no matter how deep.

Here’s the truth behind that: 

Many modern PPF products have self-healing properties that work on minor scratches and swirl marks, typically caused by washing or light abrasion. However, deeper scratches that penetrate the film’s surface may not self-heal and might require professional attention.

Misunderstanding #9: PPF Application is Easy and Can Be DIY 

There are two deciding factors that dictate how effective PPF will be at protecting your vehicle: the quality of its material and the application process. 

At the end of the day, PPF can only function as intended if it’s applied flawlessly. That’s why leaving it up to the experts is essential.  

We know—suppressing your inner DIY enthusiast can be challenging, but when it comes to PPF application, your DIY skills will have to be benchwarmers. It’s not a simple task that anyone can do at home.

Applying PPF requires skill, precision, and the right environment. Professional installers are trained to apply the film without bubbles or imperfections and to custom-fit the film to the vehicle’s contours. DIY attempts can lead to less than satisfactory results.

Misunderstanding #10: PPF is the Same as Vinyl Wrapping

While both PPF and vinyl wraps are applied to the exterior of vehicles, they serve different purposes. PPF is primarily for protection, with its clear film designed to shield the paint. Vinyl wraps are often used for customization, allowing for a wide range of colours and finishes.

Misunderstanding #11: Only the Hood and Bumpers Need PPF 

The hood and bumpers are high-impact areas that benefit greatly from PPF,  but other parts of the vehicle can also be prone to damage, such as side mirrors, door edges, and rocker panels. Opting for full-body PPF coverage provides the most comprehensive protection for your vehicle—and elevated peace of mind for you as the owner. 

Misunderstanding #12: PPF is Expensive and Not Worth the Investment

The initial cost of PPF installation may seem high up front, but it’s important to consider the long-term benefits of this product. PPF can help prevent scratches, chips, and other damage to your vehicle’s paint, potentially saving you money on costly repairs in the future. Additionally, PPF can increase the resale value of your vehicle by preserving its exterior appearance.

And for these reasons, there’s no denying that PPF is a worthy investment. 

Take a look at the average prices of paint protection film in Calgary below: 

Coverage TypeDescriptionAverage Price Range (CAD)
Partial FrontPartial hood, front bumper, fendants, mirrors600 – 1,200
Full FrontEntire hood, front bumper, full fenders, mirrors1,500 – 2,500
Full BodyEntire vehicle4,500 – 7,000+
Specialty AreasDoor edges, handles, rocker panels, etc. (per area)200 – 600

Calgary Paint Protection Film by The Auto Protectors

When it comes to Calgary PPF solutions, The Auto Protectors continues to set the industry standard. 

Since 2003, our team has been providing unparalleled protection for customers’ vehicles—from using only top-quality PPF to flawless applications.

A summary of the benefits of Calgary PPF from the Auto Protectors
A summary of the benefits of Calgary PPF from the Auto Protectors


XPEL PPF in Calgary

Not all paint protection films are created equal. If there’s one MVP in the industry that’s proven itself to be the ultimate game-changer, it’s XPEL

Representing the pinnacle of automotive protection technology and engineered to provide virtually invisible coverage, XPEL films shield your vehicle’s paint from damage while preserving its resale value and aesthetics. From self-healing capabilities to superior optical clarity, XPEL film sets the standard for uncompromising quality and performance—and no other Calgary PPF solution comes close.  

The Benefits of XPEL Paint Protection in Calgary

  1. Choose between ULTIMATE PLUS: Gloss Is Boss or STEALTH: As Smooth As Satin 
ULTIMATE PLUS: Gloss Is Boss STEALTH: As Smooth As Satin 
A virtually invisible urethane film, XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS offers unparalleled protection against unsightly damage while maximizing your vehicle’s resale value. Specifically formulated for preserving flat factory finishes, XPEL STEALTH is the ultimate solution for matte, magno, frozen, or frosted paint. 

  1. INTERIOR PROTECTION: Protect, Restore, Renew

Interiors deserve the same amount of protection as the exteriors. XPEL PPF in Calgary is here to keep your interior surfaces free from fine scratches, swirls, and blemishes.

  1.  PRE-CUT KITS: Crafted with Precision

Experience the perfect fit and finish with XPEL pre-cut paint protection film kits.

  1. Various Levels of Protection 
Vehicle Type Individual Areas Packages 
Cars A-Pillar and Roof KitFull Hood, Full Fender, and Mirror KitHood, Fender and Mirror KitRocker Panel KitBumper KitRear Bumper KitLuggage Area KitDoor and Rear Fender KitTrunk Lid KitRoof KitStandard Protection(Partial hood, fenders, mirrors, lights and bumper)

Full Front Protection(Full hood, full fenders, mirrors, lights and bumper)

Complete ProtectionEntire Vehicle. Top to bottom. Side to side.
Trucks Hood, Fender and Mirror KitBumper KitFender Flare KitRocker Panel KitFull Hood, Full Fender, and Mirror KitRear Bumper KitOuter Bed Panel KitDoor and A-Pillar KitB-Pillar KitRoof KitTailgate KitStandard Protection(Partial hood, fenders, mirrors, lights and bumpers)

Off-Road Protection(Partial Hood, fenders, mirrors, lights, front bumper & rocker panel kit)Complete Protection
(Entire Vehicle. Top to bottom. Side to side)

Motorbikes Top FairingFairing sidesSaddle bag front KitSaddle bag side KitSaddle bag top KitLights Kit

A motorbike wrapped with paint protection film
A motorbike wrapped with paint protection film


Bike Frame Protection in Calgary

From bike ceramic coating to paint protection film, take a look at our various options for bike frame protection:

Bike Protection Option Details
RideWrap Paint Protectiona variety of protection levels available, depending on your needs
designed to safeguard the high-wear and vulnerable areas of your bike
protects against damage from bike locks, bicycle storage, transportation, trail/road debris, scrapes, scratches, and unexpected crashes
Features superhydrophobic properties and self-healing capabilities
invisiFRAME Paint Protectionavailable in a variety of protection levels 
uses a premium quality automotive film
effectively shields and minimizes general trail wear, scuffs, abrasions, stone chips, storage, and transportation mishaps (not meant for protection from major damage) 
Gtechniq Bike Ceramic CoatingProvides up to 24 months of bike protection
Scientifically engineered to bond chemically with your bike frame’s surface, Bike Ceramic becomes its active shield against dirt, mud, and road grime
Can be applied to various finishes, including paint protection films and vinyl

Boat Protection in Calgary

From oxidation & corrosion caused by water and sunlight exposure to the accumulation of marine growth on the hull, there are plenty of elements that can take a toll on the beauty of your vessel—but our boat protection solutions won’t let that happen.  

Boat Protection OptionDetails 
XPEL Marine Protection(includes Ceramic Coating, Surface Protection Film, and Window Film)provides unparalleled boat protection for exterior surfaces, helping to shield against UV rays, saltwater corrosion, oxidation, and other environmental hazards
With XPEL’s advanced Ceramic Coating, your boat’s gel coat or paint finish receives a durable, hydrophobic layer that repels water, dirt, and grime— making cleaning & maintenance a breeze
Gtechniq Marine Protectioncreates a robust protective barrier that is highly resistant to scratching and swirling caused by washing & environmental factors
enhances the durability, appearance, and longevity of your boat
makes cleaning & maintenance easier and less time-consuming

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