Protecting Your Vehicle: A Guide to Rust Proofing Your Car in Calgary

Written by Darren Elia Created on March 19th, 2024
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Protecting Your Vehicle: A Guide to Rust Proofing Your Car in Calgary

Don’t let rust invade your car — fight back.    

But first, you’ve got to know your enemy. What causes rust to form on your car in the first place? What are the dangers of it? And how can you effectively protect your vehicle so that rust doesn’t stand a chance?

Hold up your shield with the power of professional car rust proofing.

Here at The Auto Protectors—a leader in car protection solutions in Calgary for over four decades—we’re here to share everything you need to know about rust proofing.

Table of Contents: A Guide to Rust Proofing Your Car in Calgary

1. What Causes a Car to Rust?

  • Oxygen and Water
  • Road Debris

2. Which Cars are More Prone to Rusting?

  • Cars Exposed to Harsh Winter Weather and Road Salt
  • Older Cars Made Before 2006

3. The Dangers of Car Rust

  • Weakened Impact Absorption
  • Damage to Internal Components

4. How to Protect Your Car From Rusting

5. What is Professional Car Rust Proofing?

  • The Benefits of Rust Proofing Your Car

6. Rust Proofing Near Me: The Auto Protector’s Protection Package

7. Don’t Let Your Guard Down

A car with rust

What Causes a Car to Rust?

Once you spot rust on your car, it can easily feel like one of those *mini heart attack* moments. But who’s the culprit behind those unsightly and worrisome marks?

Oxygen and Water

Blame oxygen and water. While rust is a result of a combination of factors, these two elements are the main culprits. Here’s how that works:

When oxygen and iron come into contact with each other, they undergo an oxidization process that results in rust forming on the surface of the metal. Water can speed up this process significantly, especially when it seeps into cracks or scratches in the car’s paint job, allowing for more oxygen to reach the iron surfaces.

Road Debris

Road debris such as dirt, grime and road salt can wear down the protective barriers that manufacturers put in place to prevent rust from forming in the first place. When these barriers have been compromised, it’s easier for rust to take hold of the metal surfaces of the car.

One of the most common ways for cars to rust is through exposure to road salt, which is used during winter months to melt snow and ice on roads. This salty mixture can splash up onto a car’s undercarriage and create puddles that linger for days at a time, accelerating the oxidization process.

Which Cars Are More Prone to Rusting?

Cars Exposed to Harsh Winter Weather and Road Salt

If you want to ensure that your car lasts longer than the manufacturer’s warranty, rust proofing can be a cost-effective way to protect your investment. This is especially important if you live in an area with harsh winter weather or if your car gets frequent exposure to salt on the roads, as these conditions can speed up the rusting process.

Older Cars Made Before 2006

When it comes to older cars made before 2006, rust proofing becomes even more crucial. These vehicles are more susceptible to rust due to their lack of modern galvanized steel with zinc coatings. Without proper protection, older cars are at a higher risk of developing rust spots that can spread quickly and cause significant damage.

The Dangers of Car Rust

A car’s metal structure is designed to be a sturdy framework that shields drivers while they’re on the road. When rust starts to invade its surface, it can negatively impact its structural integrity.

Weakened Impact Absorption

In case of crashes or collisions, a car with a sturdy structure should have the ability to absorb the shock force. This way, a driver would typically be minimally impacted. But if rust has severely damaged the structure of the car, this could highly affect its ability to absorb the shock and may even lead to serious injuries.

Damage to Internal Components

Rust is a sneaky enemy. It can eat its way through various essential internal components of your car.

For example, if rust starts to inhabit metal surfaces near the gas tank, this could lead to a puncture in the fuel line. As a result, gas could leak out when being refuelled.

In addition, if there’s a panel that has been eaten away by rust, exhaust fumes could enter the vehicle’s cabin.

How to Protect Your Car From Rusting

To protect your vehicle from rust, there are several preventative measures you can take, including the following:

  • regularly wash your car to remove road debris, dirt, and grime buildup
  • apply a protective coating or wax to seal off vulnerable areas can create a barrier between the metal components of your car and harmful environmental factors
  • regularly inspect your vehicle for any signs of rust or damage and address them promptly to prevent further deterioration
  • opt for professional car rust proofing services from reliable experts

By taking these steps, you can help extend the lifespan of your vehicle and maintain its appearance & functionality for years to come.

A person hosing down their car

What is Professional Car Rust Proofing?

Professional rust proofing is a life-saver for car owners looking to protect their vehicles from the damaging effects of rust and corrosion. By applying specific chemicals and treatments, a barrier is created between the metal body of the car and external elements such as moisture, salt, and debris that can cause rust to form. This protection can help extend the lifespan of the vehicle and maintain its appearance and structural integrity over time.

There are different types of rust proofing options available, ranging from full-body applications to treatments focused solely on the underside of the car where rust tends to start. When done correctly, rust proofing can provide long-lasting protection for up to two years, depending on factors such as driving conditions, climate, and maintenance practices.

The Benefits of Rust Proofing Your Car

Overall, choosing to rust-proof your car ultimately depends on how long you plan on keeping it and the age of the vehicle, but it is definitely worth considering for long-term care and maintenance.

Investing in regular rust proofing for older cars is a proactive measure that can:

  • save you money in the long run by preventing costly repairs
  • maintain the value of your vehicle.
  • prevent the appearance of your car from deteriorating
  • ensure car safety while on the road

The Importance of Car Rust Proofing in Calgary

There’s no doubt that Calgary begins to transform into a winter wonderland at the end of each year. While snow-loving folks frolic through the snow, your car is probably frowning at the amount of moisture and road salt it constantly has to deal with during this season.

These harsh Calgary winters serve as an invitation for rust to start throwing a year-end party on your car’s surfaces. Moreover, if your vehicle has little paint chips or existing rust, moisture can easily creep into those areas and cause the paint to expand and peel even further. So if you live in the Calgary area, opting for car rust proofing is absolutely necessary to maintain your vehicle’s visuals, value, and integrity.

But don’t start typing “rust proofing near me” on Google just yet. We’re here to make it easy for you—simply scroll down to discover why The Auto Protector’s rust proofing solutions are everything you’re looking for.

Rust Proofing Near Me: The Auto Protectors’ Protection Package

No team can shield your car better than The Auto Protectors can—which is why we’ve been the leading provider of trusted car protection packages for more than forty years.

Our Approach to Car Rust Proofing

Since 1983, we’ve been leveraging the power of our high-quality gel that ensures long-lasting protection for your vehicle. Because we stand by our promise of offering unparalleled car protection, this service of ours is also backed by a shiny lifetime guarantee.

1. High Quality, Wax-Based Amber Gel

Our top-tier rust proofing solution is a synthetic, water-proof, wax-based amber gel that doesn’t freeze, melt, drip, or harden. This unique compound is capable of penetrating into seams and cavities to permanently protect the surface from moisture. 

A one-time application of this winning formula has proven effective year after year, regardless of the vehicles’ year, make, or model.

2. Coating the Inside of Every Accessible Panel

Did you know that serious rust problems rarely start on the outside of your vehicle? It typically starts on the inside, where moisture and salt collect. That’s why The Auto Protectors’ rust proofing strategy involves coating the inside of every accessible panel so that it bonds to the metal and effectively prevents rust from ever forming.

Using a high-pressure spray, the solution is applied between the exterior and interior panels. But don’t worry—we only use pre-existing holes and factory drain plugs to spray the inside of every accessible panel; there’s no drilling involved in our innovative strategies.

Our coating process typically covers the hood, fenders, doors, rocker panels, and trunks.

3. Free Evaluation

Not sure whether you’re vehicle has been coated with rust proofing solutions before? Or maybe you want to have your car checked to see if rust proofing is the right solution? Feel free to bring your car to The Auto Protectors—we offer a free evaluation and can also provide various other options for protecting your ride.

Our Other Protection Solutions

Paint Protection

Keep your car’s paint in mint condition when you opt for our crystal-clear paint protection films. This invisible shield is the key to making your car’s paint almost invincible.

Wheel Armour

Your wheels always take one for the team and literally roll around in the dirt all day long. With our Wheel Armour, you can keep them safe from brake dust and contaminants.

Clearvision Smart Glass

Don’t let the wet season rain on your parade. Clearvision Smart Glass is the key to improving wet weather visibility. Hydrophobic glass treatment is the clear solution to keeping you safer on the road when the rain starts to pour.

Interior Fabric and Leather Shield

If it’s what’s on the inside that matters—then our Interior Fabric and Leather Shield totally understood the assignment. This solution will make your car a stunning beauty both in and out.

  • I1 Smart Fabric protects all kinds of fabrics from water-based stains. It’s both breathable and extremely durable. Thanks to its Biocote® antimicrobial technology, you can rest assured that all treated surfaces will kill 99% of bacteria.
  • L1 Leather Guard forms a durable abrasion-resistant matte finish and offers the best ever protection against abrasion damage, UV rays, dye transfer and other causes of discolouration. Infused with BioCote® antimicrobial technology, 99.9% of bacteria will perish on treated services.


Your car’s underside deserves just as much attention. Shield it from road debris when you opt for our durable Auto Protectors Undercoat. Crafted from a flexible rubberized coating, it effectively seals out moisture and salt while turning down the volume of road noise. Count on our experts to achieve a flawless application. Did we mention it’s also backed by a guarantee for as long as you own your vehicle?

Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Rust is a tough enemy—but we know your car won’t go down without a fight.

Arm your vehicle with the power of rust proofing so this invader doesn’t stand a chance.

Here at The Auto Protectors, we’ve been keeping cars in pristine condition since 1983 through reliable, long-lasting, and cost-effective solutions.

Trust us to help you fight rust. Talk to us today to get a quote

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