Auto Detailing in Calgary: What You Need to Know

Written by Darren Elia Created on April 25th, 2023
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Auto “detailing” is a term that you may see often.  Many people have no idea what it means.  Most people understand it as a process of cleaning the inside of your car.

There is more to it, however. At The Auto Protectors, we have been detailing cars for nearly 40 years. We like to think that we are Calgary’s foremost experts on this subject.

Join us today to learn more about what vehicle detailing is, and how it benefits your car in Calgary. 

What is the Meaning of Auto Detailing?

It is the process of cleaning and restoring a vehicle to its original condition. This includes both the interior and exterior of the vehicle. It can involve a variety of cleaning and restoration techniques.

Auto detailing typically involves a deep cleaning of the vehicle’s exterior. This includes:

  • washing
  • waxing
  • and polishing

The interior of the vehicle is also cleaned, including:

  • seats
  • dashboard
  • carpets
  • and windows

Still curious about what auto detailing means? Here’s a breakdown of what auto detailing is all about:

  • Definition: It is the process of restoring a vehicle to its original condition.
  • Exterior Detailing: Auto detailing involves a deep cleaning of the vehicle’s exterior. This helps remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the vehicle’s exterior.
  • Interior Detailing: The interior of the vehicle is also cleaned and restored. This helps remove any stains, odours, or other imperfections.
  • Maintenance: Auto detailing can help maintain the value of a vehicle. It can also help protect the vehicle from the elements and prevent damage from occurring.
  • Who Can Do It: Auto detailing can be done by a professional detailer or by the vehicle owner themselves. There’s nothing like professional detailing from The Auto Protectors, though.

Is Car Detailing Good for Your Car?

A proper detail job can provide many benefits for your car. This is especially true in Calgary, where dust, dirt, and other elements are common. 

Here are some of the benefits of getting your car professionally detailed in Calgary:

Is Car Detailing Good for Your Car?


Car detailing can help improve the appearance of your car. It doe this  by removing:

  • Dirt
  • Grime    
  • and other contaminants that can accumulate on the exterior

It can also help restore the shine and lustre of your car’s paint.


Car detailing can help protect your car from the elements, such as UV rays, rain, and snow. This can help prevent damage to your car’s exterior and interior. This includes fading, cracking, and rusting.


Maintaining the condition of your car through detailing can maintain its value. This can be especially important if you plan on selling or trading your car in the future.


Regular detailing can help improve the air quality inside your car. It does this by removing:

  • Dust
  • Allergens
  • and other pollutants

This can help reduce respiratory issues and allergies for you and your passengers.


  • Scratches
  • Dents
  • or mechanical issues

Addressing these issues early on can help prevent more costly problems.

Car detailing can be good for your car by:

  • Improving its appearance
  • Protecting it from damage
  • Maintaining its value
  • Improving air quality
  • and identifying maintenance issues

Does car Detailing remove scratches?

Car detailing can help remove some types of scratches from your car. The severity of the scratch will determine the best course of action.

Here are some quick facts about scratch removal relate to our detailing services:

  • Types of Scratches: There are different types of scratches that can occur on a car. These include light scratches, deep scratches, and swirl marks. The severity of the scratch will determine if it can be removed through detailing.
  • Buffing: One technique that is commonly used in detailing is called buffing. This involves using a machine to apply a compound to the affected area. This can help remove light scratches and swirl marks.
  • Polishing: Another technique that can be used is polishing. This involves using a machine to apply a polishing compound to the surface of the car. This can help remove light scratches and restore the shine of the paint.
  • Touch-Up: For deeper scratches, touch-up paint may be required to fill in the damaged area. This is typically done by a professional detailer or body shop.
  • Limitations: It’s important to note that not all scratches can be removed by detailing. Deep scratches to the underlying layers of paint may need extra repairs.

It’s important to consult with us if you have deep scratches or are unsure about the best way to address scratches on your car.

Get Calgary’s Best Auto Car Detailing from The Auto Protectors

Is your vehicle in need of a good detailing job? Reach out to our car detailing experts in Calgary today! 

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