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Written by Darren Elia Created on February 27th, 2023
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No matter where you live, your car’s paint job can be a victim of the elements, and that’s especially true if you live in Calgary, Alberta. Fortunately, a simple solution can help protect your vehicle’s paint from damage: Paint Protection Film (PPF).

Getting a PPF coating on your vehicle from the experts at The Auto Protectors is the best way to preserve your car’s finish by providing a barrier between your vehicle and the harsh realities of the road.

This article looks at how PPF works and why The Auto Protectors should be your choice for this kind of auto protection in Calgary. This locally owned and operated business has a staff of experienced professionals passionate about preserving your vehicle’s finish. With the highest quality of materials and experienced installation technicians, The Auto Protectors is the perfect choice to ensure your car stays protected and looks great for years to come.

We understand that with only the best PPF installation experts, you can rest easy knowing that your car’s finish will look like the day you bought it.

Selecting the Right Paint Protection Film Company


If you are looking for the best PPF company in Calgary, you’re probably overwhelmed by the number of choices available. Thus, selecting the right company for your PPF needs can be daunting. But do not worry any longer – The Auto Protectors has you covered!

We understand that your car’s paint is a vital asset and that you want to make sure that your paint is properly and safely protected from damage. There are several factors that we focus on to make sure you are getting the best service.

The first factor to consider is The Auto Protectors’ reputation. As a long-standing company in Calgary, we feel comfortable sharing the many stellar reviews we have gotten from our customers, many of which are readily available to see online.

Another thing to consider is the quality of our PPF materials and other products we use on your vehicles. We source top-notch PPF products from leading manufacturers, such as 3M or XPEL. The quality of the PPF materials and products used by our company is of utmost importance since it will determine the longevity and effectiveness of your paint protection film over time.

Experience is another essential factor to take into account. Our longstanding reputation in Calgary, with the knowledgeable staff in the PPF industry, is well known. Our professional installers know how to properly apply PPF films, resulting in excellent coverage and protection for your vehicle.

The last factor to consider are our prices. The Auto Protectors make sure to compare prices between competitors to give the best deals for you. However, we ensure we do not sacrifice quality for a lower price. The rule of thumb for any quality auto protection company, we think, is to offer a good balance of quality and price.

Considering these factors, you may see that The Auto Protectors is the right choice.

Expertise and Knowledge

If you’re looking for PPF in Calgary, then you’re lucky – the city has a host of dedicated companies specializing in this form of car protection. However, it’s essential to find the best paint protection film company in Calgary with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in PPF.

After all, your car’s paint job won’t just protect your vehicle; it will also ensure that it looks great for years to come. So, make sure that you find a company that knows what it’s doing – with years of experience in the field, The Auto Protectors, located in Calgary, will provide you with top-notch protection and make sure your car looks its best!

Quality of Materials Used

Suppose you’re looking for the ultimate protection for your vehicle in Calgary. In that case, you’re in luck – the best paint protection film company in Calgary uses only the highest-quality materials on the market! PPF is a transparent, tear-resistant film applied to your car’s painted surface to protect it from dirt, grime, and the elements.

Not only is PPF incredibly strong and durable, and it prevents fading, yellowing, and oxidation of your paint. And with the best paint protection film company in Calgary, you can be sure that your car is receiving the ultimate protection – so you can drive in peace, knowing that your vehicle is safe and sound.

Customer Service

At The Auto Protectors, Calgary’s premier paint protection film company, customer service is the cornerstone of our business. Our experienced technicians are here to answer any questions you may have about our products, provide advice, and even complete the installation for you.

We understand the importance of quality and precise craftsmanship and take great pride in providing only the best paint protection film in Calgary. Our commitment to customer service is unparalleled – we strive to ensure every customer is satisfied with their purchase and educated about the benefits of paint protection film.

Advantages of Paint Protection Film

When safeguarding your vehicle’s paint job, there’s no better option than PPF. At The Auto Protectors, our experts know all the advantages PPF has to offer for your car.

PPF is a durable, transparent urethane film applied directly to your vehicle’s painted surfaces. This means it acts as a protective barrier against all kinds of damage.

It guards against:

  • Fading
  • Cracking
  • chipping from the sun’s UV rays
  • Stone chips
  • Bug splatter
  • Other road debris
  • Minor chemical etching

PPF is also very easy to maintain. All you need to do is wash and wax the film the same way you would your vehicle’s paint, given that you use a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner and wax. This is significantly easier and less expensive than constantly touching up paint chips or scratches.

The film is also completely removable and doesn’t damage the underlying paint. This makes it perfect for leased cars or if you ever plan to sell your vehicle. The film is also paint-safe, so if you ever need to repaint your vehicle for any reason, the film will not interfere.

Finally, PPF adds an extra layer of customization to your vehicle. You can choose from various colors and finishes, including tints of varying shades, to make your car stand out.

The Auto Protectors offers the highest level of paint protection film installation. We use only the best materials, and our experts have the experience and knowledge to ensure your vehicle gets the best protection. We also offer unbeatable warranties, so you can rest assured that your paint job will remain in perfect condition for years to come.

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced paint protection film provider in Calgary, look no further than The Auto Protectors.

Types of Paint Protection Films

With numerous film types and installation methods, it can be challenging to determine which PPF is best suitable for your car. That’s why it’s essential to understand the different types of Paint Protection films available in Calgary.

First, there’s Clear Paint Protection Film. As the name implies, this type of PPF is virtually invisible when applied and creates a transparent barrier against dirt and debris. It is a popular choice for those who want to maintain the original look of their car. This transparent protective film also provides superior protection for your vehicle paint job and is easy to maintain.

The second Paint Protection Film available is matte PPF. This type of PPF has a satin texture and can provide a more discreet finish than transparent film. It is also resistant to dirt and debris and can shield your car’s paint job from scratches and other damage. Matte PPF is ideal for those who want to give their vehicle a unique, distinct look.

Finally, there are designer PPFs available. These have all the benefits of regular PPF but come in various finishes: Carbon fiber and  gloss black – to name a couple.

The Auto Protectors offers various PPFs to fit every budget and style. We also provide professional installation and can help you determine which type of film is right for your needs.

With top-notch services, you can ensure that your car stays beautiful and protected for years with The Auto Protectors.

The Auto Protectors: Your Number One Choice For Auto Protection in Calgary

At the end of the day, when picking the best company for paint protection film in Calgary, the choice is clear: The Auto Protectors. They are the city’s leading provider of paint protection films with the highest quality products, expert installation, and unbeatable service.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to ensuring that they are the best paint protection film company in Calgary means they can offer the best services and the most reliable products.

Whether you’re looking to protect your vehicle’s paint job or add a unique creative touch, The Auto Protectors is the company to go to.

Contact us today to learn more from our auto protection experts.

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Darren Elia
Auto Protectors, founded in 1983 by Emilio Elia, is a family business. Darren Elia, the current owner, carries on the legacy. We provide advanced auto solutions, like paint protection films and ceramic coatings. Our company has expanded and earned Consumer Choice awards. Passion and customer satisfaction drive their service.
Darren Elia
Auto Protectors, founded in 1983 by Emilio Elia, is a family business. Darren Elia, the current owner, carries on the legacy. We provide advanced auto solutions, like paint protection films and ceramic coatings. Our company has expanded and earned Consumer Choice awards. Passion and customer satisfaction drive their service.