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Vehicle Undercoating in Calgary

The underside of your vehicle, though seldom seen, is the most exposed to the various elements of the road. Gravel and sand abrade at everything, and road salts and other grime accumulate in nooks and crannies. The abrasions expose bare metal where salt and moisture can begin to rust. An undercoating protection with our rubber and petroleum based product will permanently seal your under carriage.

Protect the under carraige of your new car or truck with under coating

An added benefit of this undercoating layer is it greatly reduces road noises transmitted into the interior of the vehicle. The insulation it provides deadens much of the tire noise and bumps and jolts of the road making for a more comfortable driving experience.

Get in touch with us about applying undercoating to your vehicle.

Why Undercoat Your Vehicle?

  • Rust Proof the Under Carriage
  • Reduce Road Noise
  • Prolong the Life of Your Vehicle

Why After-Market Undercoating?

Most new car dealerships will sell undercoating packages to their customers. That's fine, but we are specialists in applying undercoating properly. You can be assured that our undercoating will do exactly as its supposed to. And because we do a lot of it and have technicians trained and experienced in applying it, we can often do it cheaper (did we already mention better?) than most dealerships.

Our Undercoating protection is priced from $289, depending on your particular vehicle.

More Protection

Besides undercoating you should consider rust proofing your vehicle to get at the rest of the areas, besides your under carriage. Also paint protection film will stop all those nasty rock chips to the front of your vehicle.

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