Vehicle Undercoating in Calgary

The underside of your vehicle is constantly exposed to gravel, salt, sand and other debris that is found on our roads. The Auto Protectors Undercoat will not only provide permanent protection, but proven sound deadening as well.

So what is it?

The Auto Protectors undercoat is a black, rubberized coating. Made, in part, from latex rubber, to provide cold weather flexibility. Plastic resins for their durability and adhesion, and tar seals moisture and road salt out.

Where is it applied?

The undercoat is applied to the vehicles undercarriage and wheel wells. What is not sprayed is; suspension and steering components, powertrain, exhaust or any plastic.

How does it work?

Once the vehicle is prepped, and on the hoist, an even coat is sprayed on the undercarriage and wheel wells. Once cured, the rubberized compound absorbs impacts from gravel, sand and anything else your tires pick up.

While the insulation it provides deadens road noise and reduces vibration.

Why The Auto Protectors Undercoating?

Most new car dealerships offer undercoating to their customers. But is most likely performed by a service technician, and not a specialist trained in applying undercoating. Our professionals have the experience and training required to ensure our undercoating will do exactly as it’s supposed to.


We are so confident in our product and procedures, that the undercoating on your new car, truck or SUV is guaranteed for as long as you own it.

Our Undercoating protection is priced from $299 for cars, and $399 for trucks.

Think your vehicle has already been Undercoated, or doesn't need it? Bring it to us for a free evaluation and we can provide all the options for protecting your ride.

More Protection

Besides undercoating you should consider Rustproofing your vehicle. Rust proofing is applied inside every accessible panel, to prevent moisture build up and eliminate rust.

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