Vehicle Rustproofing in Calgary

Serious rust problems rarely start on the outside of your vehicle. They start inside, where moisture and salt collect. That is why The Auto Protectors rustproofing coats the inside of every accessible panel to prevent rust from ever forming.

So what is it?

It is a high quality wax based amber gel. It does not freeze, melt, drip or harden.

Where is it applied?

Using only pre-existing holes and factory drain plugs, the inside of every accessible panel is sprayed. This typically covers; hood, fenders, doors, rocker panels, trunks or tailgates.

How does it work?

The compound penetrates into seams and cavities to permanently protect the surface from moisture. Being a gel, it will not crack, peel, drip or harden.

Why The Auto Protectors Rustproofing?

We have been rustproofing vehicles in Calgary since 1983. Although vehicle manufacturing, materials and products have all changed and vastly improved, rust continues to be a major factor in vehicle depreciation. Our one time application has proven effective year after year, regardless of the vehicles year, make or model.


We are so confident in our product and procedures, that the rustproofing on your new car, truck or SUV is guaranteed for as long as you own it.


Our permanent Rustproofing is priced from $199, depending on your particular vehicle.

Think your vehicle has already been rustproofed, or doesn't need it? Bring it to us for a free evaluation and we can provide all the options for protecting your ride.

More Protection

For more protection you should consider Undercoating your vehicle. Undercoat will not only provide permanent protection, but proven sound deadening as well.

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