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The Auto Protectors is Calgary’s premier Automotive protection and detailing shop. Our unrivaled experience and passion means nothing we do to your car is simple. Whether your car needs a hand wash and wax or a carpet shampoo and 3 stage power polish, everything is performed by trained, dedicated professionals, using the industries top products.


While every vehicle, and every detail is different, here are our most popular packages:


Interior Detail 

This package focuses on bringing your vehicles interior back to new, by reconditioning every surface.

You will be left with a clean, fresh interior that is free of greasy or shiny dressings. 

Whats included?

  • 12 step hand wash and dry
  • Interior and exterior windows cleaned
  • Dash, vents, console, instument panel and vinly surfaces cleaned
  • Carpet / Upholstery vacuumed, scrubbed and shampooed
  • Leather cleaned and conditioned
  • Carpet and Rubber floormats shampooed 



By far our most popular detail package. This takes care of everything.

Whats included?

  • Interior Detail
  • Engine cleaned, shampooed and dried
  • Complete exterior clay bar decontamination
  • Wheels cleaned and waxed
  • Chrome cleaned and polished
  • Coat of wax hand applied to all painted surfaces



Everything from our Complete Clean, with added attention to the paint.

Whats included?

  • Complete Clean Package
  • Single stage polish to remove light scratches, swirl marks and holograms.
  • Wax to provide a deep, lasting shine


These packages are all focused on cleaning and enhancing your vehicles interior and exterior. From here we can assess what paint correction methods can be taken to bring your vehicle back to showroom condition, and what protection products can keep it that way.

Exterior Services

There are countless options when it comes to correcting, enhancing and protecting your vehicles paint. Its important to know the differences between each of these processes so that results meet expectations.


Paint Enhancement

Waxing has numerous benefits, the most obvious being the deep gloss it provides. Besides the shine, waxing makes washing much easier by not allowing dirt, bugs and anything else from coming in direct contact with the paint. When it comes to scratches, waxing also fills in light swirls and scratches, causing them to be less noticeable or not apparent at all, but will not remove scratches.


Paint Enhancement - Minor Correction

While a good wax will provide a brilliant shine, polishing can bring your paint back to new. A wax will fill in light imperfections in your paints clear coat but polishing actually removes them. It does this by removing a microscopic layer of clearcoat in order to level off the affected area. While deeper scratches will remain, they will become less evident because polishing will round off their jagged edges and fill in their valleys.You will not only see a significant difference in your vehicles paint but also be able to feel it.


Paint Correction

Compounding refers to the use of a compound, or aggressive polish, to remove deep scratches, major swirl marks, oxidation, spotting and other paint defects. Compounding or Cut polishing can remove years of neglect and leave your cars paint in showroom condition. But keep in mind, this process should only be performed when absolutely necessary. Compounding a vehicles paint means removing some of its clear coat. The more clear coat that is removed, the less effective the clear coat becomes. Your vehicles clear coat is what protects the base color and provides the gloss. This is why its so important to protect this clear coat before a compound or cut is necessary.

Please bring your vehicle in for free quote for any compounding or major paint correction.


Whether you've decided on a wax, polish or full cut polish, consider topping off your paint with our Paint Sealant or 3M Paint Protection Film and keep your paint looking new.

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