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Vehicle Rust Proofing in Calgary

Don't let rust eat at your vehicle. Rust proofing works!

Rust is by far the biggest enemy to your vehicle. Rust proofing will protect your vehicle and help maintain its look and resale value.

The Auto Protectors rust protection compound will effectively penetrate and adhere to any and all vulnerable metal surfaces.

We apply our rust protection solution to;

  • recessed seams and corners
  • around engine compartments
  • inside fenders, hood and trunk lid
  • rocker and door panels
  • light wells and inside door hinges
  • wherever salt and moisture may be captured

Get in touch with us to ask about rust protection.

Serious rust problems, the growing cancerous sort, rarely occurs on the outside of your vehicle. Your paint does a fine job of protecting from that. It starts inside where moisture and grime collect. Here it slowly grows and spreads. By the time you do see it on the outside, coming through the paint, it is very well established and difficult and expensive to treat properly.

It is for those reasons we apply our rust proofing compound inside all those vulnerable areas.

Fact : Rust is the major factor in the depreciation value of your car or truck!

Our Rust Proofing starts at $189.

More Protection

For more rust protection you should consider undercoating your vehicle to to protect the undercarriage. Also paint protection film will stop all those nasty rock chips to the front of your vehicle.

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