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Auto Detailing

We've been detailing cars and trucks for over 30 years now. The longevity of our business and our wealth of experience makes us the ultimate auto detail shop in Calgary. From a simple wash and polish to a full interior/exterior cleaning and protection package we are the shop you want detailing your vehicle.

Be sure to check our detailing package deals outlined below.

Interior Detailing

Keep that new car look with an interior cleaning and detailing

We clean every surface of the interior of a vehicle to bring it back to a "like new" condition. The following list outlines the areas that receive detailing;

  • Shampooing - carpet, seats, floor mats and trunk
  • Vinyl Care - doors, dash and console treated with vinyl care products
  • Vacuuming - carpets and seats
  • Window Cleaning - interior and exterior glass

After your interior is looking like new again you should consider having your seat fabrics protected with interior care.

Exterior Detailing

Make the outside of your vehicle shine

The exterior of your vehicle receives real care and attention from our experienced technicians.

Power Polish

Our power polishing and waxing service will remove most of the fine scratches and swirl marks in the clear coat surface of your paint finish. These marks tend to accumulate over time through hand washing and other things making contact with your paint. The power polish will restore a smooth flat finish then a coat of wax will bring out your vehicle's true shine.

Tree Sap and Tar Removal

Removal of all tree sap splatters and road tar spots on the painted surfaces of the vehicle.

Engine Glaze

This engine cleaning keeps an new appearance under the hood, prolongs the life of cables, hoses and wiring and it waterproofs the ignition.

Consider these protection packages for the exterior of your vehicle too; paint protection film, undercoating and rust proofing.

Detailing Packages

Protection Package

The Auto Protectors ProPack is designed for new vehicles. These protective measures will keep your new car or truck looking it's very best for much longer. Not only does it look great but it help to retain resale value.

The Protection Package consists of:

  • Permanent Shine
  • Interior Care
  • Undercoating
  • Rust Proofing

The Protection Package containing Permanent Shine, Interior Care, Undercoating, Rustproofing, is only 689.00 +tax. It is a better priced package and offers improved real protection over what most new car dealers offer.

Complete Clean Packages

Our Complete Clean Package brings a used car back to new condition. This is ideal for getting a used vehicle prepared for sale. Having it look its best will allow you to get the most value out of a sale. It's also great if you plan on keeping the vehicle and simply want it looking great again.

The Complete Clean Pack consists of;

  • Shampooing
  • Vinyl Care
  • Vacuuming
  • Window Cleaning
  • Tree Sap and Tar Removal
  • Power Polish & Wax
  • Engine Glaze

These are our typical package deals. We can also do individual services or put together a custom package for your vehicle.

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